10 Aug

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Booking George Ellias For Your Event.

6 Aug

George Ellias’ music is suitable for all kinds of events…

Concerts, parties, festival, event booking.

For booking George Ellias locally you can contact us through here:


3 Aug

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Blood, Dirt, and Angels (News item w/ MP3)
Consequence of Sound (Release listing)
Dead Journalist (News bit w/ MP3)
The Deli NYC (News item w/ MP3)
http://nyc.thedelimagazine.com/frontpage/los%20angeles (front page)
Faronheit (MP3 post)
Indiependent Music (News item w/ MP3)
Largehearted Boy (MP3 post)
Mad Mackerel (News bit w/ MP3)
Movement News (Posted our press release)
Parasites and Sycophants (MP3 post)
Stage Dive (Very favorable short review w/ MP3 post)
David Fisch [Crashing Symbols / The L.A. Music Examiner]
The End Of Irony
The Wounded Jukebox

More will be added soon…

A Definitive Pete Seeger Album

20 Jul

Throughout my experience of Pete Seeger song compilations, this one has the right to be deemed as the definitive topical song collection. Turn Turn Turn, Which Side Are You On? are all songs that he performed, the best out of all other that have performed them.

I studied a collection of songs assembled by Bess Lomax Hawes, who was a leading member of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie’s band, the Weavers aka the Almanac Singers. The collection of songs had such a range of topic. [I had access to them through a school I was studying at, I was probably the only one to go through these boxes of songs in several decades.] Bess Lomax Hawes was also the daughter of John Lomax and sister of Alan Lomax.

Bottom line, this album is more than a primer to the topical songs that were being produced during that era. It took guts to sing songs like these back during that time, when freedom of expression was muffled by the “red scare”, etc. Pete Seeger was eventually blacklisted, but despite his refusal to admit that he was a “commie” he landed his own television show called “Rainbow Quest” That included highly influencial singers of a younger generation…

There are more on youtube.


18 Jul

Turn Your Lamp Down Low, by George Ellias on OurStage

License any of George Ellias’s songs through the publisher Songtrust.

12 Jul

Interested in licensing one or more of George Ellias’s songs for synchronization, replication,  etc?

You can sync his songs, lyrics and more, by following this link:

License My Music Through Songtrust

All of George Ellias’s music can be licensed through the publisher Songtrust or for mechanical licenses, the Harry Fox Agency’s, Songfile .

Listen to all the free music you want.

11 Jul
George Ellias free on MOG

George Ellias free on MOG

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